Clear Aligner Advisor:
The Mindset Bootcamp

Presented by: Dr. Avi Patel, DDS

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Your Clear Aligner Mindset Bootcamp Gets You Instant Access To Training Through:


$1750 value

  • Sales Coaching

  • Clear Aligner Advisor Cheat Sheet

  • Case selection guidelines 

  • The effective Clear Aligner Consult

  • Outline of clinical preferences


$2850 value

  • A-Z protocols and workflow
  • Predictable IPR technique
  • Photography techniques for case submission
  • Clincheck rules for SIMPLICITY
  • Attachment uses and protocol
  • Case submission guide
  • Rx form submission guidelines 


$2900 value

  • Clear Aligner pricing strategy that WORKS
  • Clinical note templates
  • Appointment scheduling tips
  • Insurance coding
  • Initial appointment pt instructions
  • Script for Hygienist
  • Script for Assistants
  • Script for Treatment Coordinator
  • Consent form


$5400 value

1 year of monthly LIVE Q&A Coaching calls directly with Dr. Avi where you can ask questions, network and share your progress.

I'm Ready, Let's Get It!

What's also included:

  • Downloadable PDFs that you can use to aid the implementation

  • Access to the exclusive Slack community to join several like-minded dentists all across the world to celebrate wins, share struggles and grow together. 

Here's What My Students Have To Say About The Course


Dr. Michael Earle, DDS

Austin, TX

22 Years Practicing Dentist

8-12 Cases/Month After Clear Aligner Training

“After having over 22 years of experience and learning a large amount of knowledge during that time, I thought another course wouldn’t really prove to be beneficial for me. I was suspicious of wasting my time on yet another course. But the truth of the matter is - what I was currently practicing simply just wasn’t cutting it.

I was overworked and not generating the results that I really wanted. And with the lack of results came the decline of my motivation as well. Something needed to change, so in an act of courage, I went for it! I asked Dr. Avi for some help…Turns out, it was one of the best decisions of my life! Long story short, I’ve completed his training and now both my mind and my LIFE have transformed big time.

Now I’m starting 8-12 Clear Aligner cases every month! This is surprisingly turning into my main source of revenue for my practice and now I’m getting more free time than ever before! Thank you Dr. Avi, you’ve helped fulfill a lifelong dream of mine with the right direction and help!”

Dr. Krishan Patel, DDS

Practice owner - Austin, TX

25+ Cases & More Confidence Within 2 Months After Clear Aligner Training Program

“I was so sick and tired of seeing false advertisements and claims about how you can increase your production to “X” amount via a magical solution or procedure. Especially when these self proclaimed gurus don’t even practice what they preach! But after looking at one of his Instagram reels about how he works 3 days A WEEK while making more money than he ever has in his entire career

I knew I wanted that too! 

I attended his free webinar that broke down exactly what I needed to do, and realized that this was something I’d be able to do. I signed up for his Clear Aligner training program and used the help he was offering. Within 2 months, I started 25 cases of Clear Aligners! The procedure and workflow is so manageable and predictable!

I’m only 2 months in, but already I can tell this is something that I will be doing for the rest of my career! I’m never going back to the old dentistry again. Thank you Dr. Avi, you’re the man!”

Dr. Aleka Zimmer, DDS

Austin, TX

4 years practicing dentist

$100K Production 1 Month After Bootcamp 


8-12 Cases/Month After Clear Aligner Training

Dr. Avi helped me see Clear Aligners as more than just an esthetic tool to help patients straighten their teeth. He bridged the gap between esthetics and functionality.

I now use Clear Aligners as something I suggest to all my patients because it's benefits on occlusion and periodontal health. I have a surgery-based practice and place a lot of implants.

Dr. Avi broadened my horizons and showed me how Clear Aligners could aid in the longevity of my implants due to fixing traumatic occlusion. Ever since I shifted my perspective to the oral health benefits - my cases have increased!

I just had my first month of producing over $100k in my career! 



  1. Background and Mindset

  2. Workflow and Team

  3. Case Selection, Sales, Finances

  4. Case Submission, Photos, Scanning

  5. Ortho Movements, Attachments, Case Setup

  6. Appointments, IPR, Attachment Placement

  7. Posterior Open Bites

  8. Case Completion, Retention

  9. Goals, Incentives, Marketing


only $999

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  • TEAM ESSENTIALS $2900 value
    $5400 value

 $12,900 TOTAL VALUE


Cases You Can Kick Start Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Access The Bootcamp?

Once you are registered you will have access to the members portal. In this portal, you will have LIFETIME access to everything listed above and all of the monthly Q&A coaching sessions.

Is This Bootcamp Only Applicable to Invisalign? 

Nope not at all! This is foundational clear aligner training specifically for general dentists that can be applied to ALL clear aligner brands including Invisalign, ClearCorrect, SureSmile, Spark, Candid etc.

Will I Get Help With Case Setup? 

Yes - the Live monthly Q&A sessions are meant to help you along the way in your Clear Aligner journey directly with Dr. Avi! You can ask any and all Clear Aligner questions you may have!

What Is The Format Of The Bootcamp? Is This An In-Person Or Online Training?

This is an ON DEMAND self paced VIRTUAL training program. You get LIFETIME access to over 3 hours of foundational Clear Aligner training SPECIFICALLY for YOU - the general dentist.

What If I Can't Make It To The Next LIVE Monthly Training?

No problem! If you can’t make it - you can submit questions to be answered during the Q&A session and all members will receive a recording of the session in their members portal. This way you get your questions answered AND you get to learn solutions to struggles fellow dentists may be having!

I Am New To Clear Aligners & Don't Have Much Experience - Will This Help Me? 

Absolutely! Dr. Avi created this program specifically for dentists like you to help navigate and overcome the early struggles and questions with Clear Aligners! 

I'm Ready, Let's Get It!