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Virtual Clear Aligner Course For General Dentists


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If You Lack Confidence With Clear Aligners
Want To START Offering This Treatment To Your Patients...

This Is The Course For You

You'll learn step-by-step how to confidently offer aligner treatments
to your patients without the FLUFF 



This Clear Aligner Course is Brand Agnostic...

So you can use this training for ALL Clear Aligner Brands like:

Invisalign, ClearCorrect, Suresmile, CandidPro, Reveal, Spark, etc.



Save Time +

Increase Income 

Find Fulfillment 


Transform Your Career



Enroll in Clear Aligner Blueprint!

WATCH ūüé•

Watch ALL of the bite-sized video training modules


Implement your learnings by using the downloadable resources


Get your questions answered in the Aligner Success Tribe (our exclusive doctor led community with fellow dentists)


Elevate your career after you feel confident with the education and implementation with Clear Aligner Blueprint! ūüöÄ


You'll get immediate and lifetime access to ALL VIDEO MODULES INSIDE 

Clear Aligner Blueprint

Clear Aligner Blueprint offers simple videos for self-paced learning.

You'll gain the knowledge, strategies, and insider tips to overcome challenges and achieve successful outcomes with:

  • Case Selection
  • Treatment Planning
  • Patient Communication
  • Clear Aligner Workflow from Consult to Retainers
  • Record Taking Process
  • Troubleshooting Cases
  • Posterior Open Bite Prevention¬†+ Correction
  • Aligner Pricing Strategies
  • And So Much More!

Dr. Avi's expertise and step-by-step approach will provide you with the confidence and knowledge you need. 

You'll get access to our exclusive community 

Aligner Success Tribe

Doctor led community where you can ask any and all questions to have support in your aligner journey!

You'll Also Get All of The Following Free Bonuses ūüéĀ...


Exclusive Case Walkthroughs

Watch all the principles from the program in action as Dr. Avi shows you step by step his exact workflow with case setups and modifications


Blueprint Starter Kit

Everything you need to simplify the implementation process with this starter kit of resources to get you rolling with aligners:

  • Case Preference Setting Template
  • 15 Step Aligner Workflow Guide
  • Case Setup Cheatsheet
  • Treatment Consent Form
  • Initial Patient Appointment Framework
  • Clinical Note Templates
  • Aligner Conversations Made Easy Scripts

Upon Completion You'll Get

4 Hours of Continuing Education (CE) Credit

Upon completion of Clear Aligner Blueprint, you'll earn 4 CE hours via CE Zoom, enhancing your professional development and credentials.

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Clear Aligner Blueprint Course Curriculum

This is exactly what we’ll be covering through the course materials you'll have access to.

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So Clear Aligner Blueprint (above video training modules) alone is valued at $10,000 because it is everything you need to know when it comes to doing aligners even if you know nothing about aligners.

For reference it costs $250k to specialize in ortho.

Now this program doesn’t turn you into an orthodontist by any means - but as you can see - it is comprehensive and it does teach you how to confidently offer this orthodontic procedure and keep you well within your “lane” as a general dentist.

Join Clear Aligner Blueprint

Why Choose Clear Aligner Blueprint?

  • Brand Agnostic Program:¬†

    Take these learnings and apply them with any Clear Aligner brand on the market. Yes - that means Invisalign, SureSmile, Reveal, ClearCorrect etc. This is the only brand agnostic program that specializes in supporting general dentists to START offering Aligners to patients.
  • Simple and Approachable:

     We understand that diving into a new procedure can be intimidating. That's why Clear Aligner Blueprint focuses on simplicity and breaks down the challenges dentists face when starting clear aligners. We make it approachable, so you can confidently take the first steps toward offering this transformative treatment.

  • Virtual Learning:

    No need to travel or attend in-person courses. Clear Aligner Blueprint is completely virtual, allowing you to access the training modules from the comfort of your own office or home. With immediate access upon enrollment, you can learn at your own pace and refer back to the modules whenever you need a refresher.
  • Community¬†Support:

    Our Aligner Success Tribe provides you with sustained support as you integrate clear aligners into your practice. From simplified implementation guides to checklists and handbooks, we ensure that you and your team have the resources you need to streamline your workflow and achieve optimal results.
  • Focus on the Start:

    We know that starting something new can be challenging. Clear Aligner Blueprint is specifically designed to address the early struggles and challenges dentists face when offering clear aligners. We focus on building a strong foundation, guiding you through the essential concepts, and answering your burning questions, so you can confidently embark on this journey.


Join Clear Aligner Blueprint

Doctors who took the program experienced these results...

How Much Is This Investment?

Clear Aligner Blueprint


 What's Included:

  • ūü߆ Clear Aligner Blueprint:

    Clear Aligner Blueprint offers simple videos for self-paced learning.

    You'll gain the knowledge, strategies, and insider tips to overcome challenges and achieve successful outcomes with:

    • Communication Strategies 101
    • Case Selection Success
    • Preparation 101
    • Troubleshooting 101
    • Pricing With A Purpose
    • Attachments + IPR 101
    • Simple + Seamless Case Setups
    • Patient Instruction 101
    • Finishing 101
    • Growth Formula to 10x Cases

      ($10,000 value)
  • ūüßį Blueprint Starter Kit: These core resources will¬†aid you to simplify the implementation process¬†($1,997 value)
  • ūü镬†Case Walkthroughs: Watch all the principles and protocol in action as Dr. Avi walks you through treatment plans + what to do at every step of the process in live videos on real cases¬†($997 value)
  • ūüí¨ Aligner Success Tribe: Join an exclusive community where you can connect with over 100 dentists who are on a similar journey. Share your wins, seek guidance, and celebrate successes together. This community will be your go-to place for support and growth¬†($497 value).
  • ‚Ź≥ Continuing Education (CE) Hours: Upon completion of the Clear Aligner Blueprint, you'll earn¬†4 CE hours (AGD, PACE approved)


Clear Aligner Blueprint


Flexible 6 Pay Option

Only $15 a day!

What's Included:
  • All of the offerings above just a different way to pay

  • This option is for you if you prefer¬†a 6¬†pay option


Ignite Your Journey: Join the Transformation Stories You Can Be Part Of

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I'm proud to say that Clear Aligner Blueprint has helped countless dentists successfully start clear aligners.

From beginners to experienced practitioners, the program has provided the essential foundations and practical tools necessary for clear aligner success.

But don't just take my word for it.
Here's what dentists who have completed Clear Aligner Blueprint have to say:

Dr. Greta Barba

"You targeted all the concepts necessary to start this clear aligner journey and you answered many of the questions I always had.

I stopped myself from wanting to start clear aligners because I always felt like I just couldn’t start offering something I wasn’t clear about . So you definitely provided a strong foundation to start building on."

Dr. Krishan Patel

"The learnings are so easy to implement. I was doing 0 aligner cases before the program. After completing it I did 25 in the first 2 months - learning this procedure has been career changing!"

Dr. Viraj Thankey

"After completing the program I feel a lot more confident and guided in discussing aligner therapy."

Dr. Michael Earle

"What I thought was a slow start turned into a sustainable procedure that I love offering to my patients.

My only regret is I wish I learned this earlier in my career."


Dr. Kirsten Thouvenout

"It was a good idea to make the investment in the program. It makes everything more succinct, streamlined and easier!" 


Dr. Priya Mathews

"I have followed all the Clear Aligner Legends but this program was a GAME CHANGER! It truly walks your through step by step A-Z on how to be successful and confident with aligners!"


Dr. Kevin Chang

"I didn't know the first thing about aligners before taking this program. Now I get excited about it every time a patient signs up for treatment! Once I see a case that I can do - I can't stop talking about it. I LOVE ALIGNERS now!" 

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