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How To Add 3 More Clear Aligner Cases To Your Practice Next Month Without Sacrificing Chair Time + Spend $0 In Marketing

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I am Dr. Avi Patel, YOUR Clear Aligner Advisor!

You are here because you have a digital scanner and are somewhat interested in Clear Aligner implementation. You’re either 1) not doing any cases at all, or, 2) you’re just doing a few here and there (probably whenever your patient asks for it).

This is a MASSIVE opportunity that you are letting slide by in your practice. You are robbing your patients of essential treatment for their comprehensive oral health and from a business perspective, you are sitting on an almost passive revenue stream.


I want you to realize that implementating Clear Aligners into your practice could directly result in improving your quality of life. I believe there is only upside for you and your practice - allowing you to diversify your coded procedures and maybe even allow you to reduce your time in the chair. 


Clear Aligner therapy is something you probably were not taught in dental school and if you were, it wasn't enough to give you the ability to confidently offer it to patients without additional guidance


There are a few high quality outlets of continuing education on Clear Aligners today that were pivotal for me, however, I consistently find doctors who attend 3-day sessions and are unable to START once they return home.

The START is key and IMPLEMENTATION is not one size fits all.


Doctors that I work with had 0 to 2 Clear Aligner case starts per month and immediately went to 8 cases within their first month after working with me - 8 cases, that’s $40,000 in additional revenue that was sitting in their practice. Not to mention, the doctor now has the confidence to likely maintain that rate for years to come and can now offer a service many patients are looking for today from their general dentist.


You’re capable of the same success.


The biggest challenge for a general dentist is the Monday after a weekend CE course, and you try to take ALL of your learnings and implement them into your practice. But then one of many daily practice challenges arise and you either lose momentum, have less confidence as the week goes on and before you know it, it is two weeks after the course and you did the same amount of cases you did before you went. At that point, you go back to the way you were doing things and think “it’s fine, maybe it’s not for me.”


It’s tough. I get it. I have been there. 


That’s where YOUR Clear Aligner Advisor comes in. Whether you have taken courses or not - I am here to help you learn HOW to effectively implement Clear Aligners into your practice tomorrow.


When we work together, you get to bypass all the early struggles that come with Clear Aligner implementation and you get to use the solutions to my challenges and my struggles to expedite YOUR Clear Aligner journey. 


I work directly with you to establish goals, initiatives and a clear and SIMPLE strategy for successful Clear Aligner implementation throughout the office by focusing on 2 key areas: onboarding and growth.


I will teach you everything you need to know to dive into Clear Aligners confidently, and set yourself up for success to deliver the highest level of quality care for your patients. 


You can do this. I believe in you. 


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